Drugs and alcohol support services

By working in collaboration with housing providers we provide housing-related support programme for drug and alcohol users in London and Northampton, we provide a flexible service supporting people at different stages of their recovery and at different stages of housing need. We aim to support recovery and independence. We believe in ‘Accommodation first’ so we want to help people achieve stable housing and support them to engage with services so that they are able to recover from drug and alcohol dependence.

Our support is divided into four elements:

Floating support aims to provide one to one outreach support to people who are experiencing substance misuse and housing problems. We want to prevent them from becoming homeless. Floating means our workers come to their own home. They are allocated to an outreach worker who will provide housing related support.

Recovery beds – Supporting Northants and London, we will provide recovery beds across these boroughs. This service is for people leaving prison, inpatient or outpatient detoxification, or rehabilitation.

The aim is to provide a short stay in a stable and structured environment. To access this people must have stabilised their drug or alcohol use and be motivated to remain in recovery.

Resettlement beds – This service is aimed at those people who would have used our recovery beds but need more help to maintain a tenancy. This service will offer a bed in our shared housing or self- contained units where people will receive regular floating support for six to nine months through our floating support service.

Alcohol detox sitters – We provide a home sit-in service to allow people achieve community detoxification from alcohol in the security of their home and community.

Sitting in service – this is a service that supports and assists service users, undergoing alcohol detoxification, by supplying sitters that will monitor and support clients in their homes, if they have not got a responsible friend or relative to help them. This service has worked well for people who live on their own who could be at risk of medical complications or relapse should they be left on their own, or have child care issues or have relatives who work some hours in the day.

This provides a real alternative to expensive, inpatient detoxification. Loyal Care manages this by working closely (and in partnership) with the community drug and alcohol team, and the service user to provide flexible individualised levels of support. This allows service users to achieve full detoxification from alcohol. This service also allows individuals to continue to be cared for in their own homes, giving them choice, opportunities, emotional support future positive contacts and interaction with the local community and its resources, go visit fixbodygroup.com website to know more about the services.

This is a highly cost-effective treatment, as rates are low and flexible. This allows clients to regain control, of their lives in the comfort of their own home, in familiar surroundings without having to travel to distant ‘getaways’, or the need to wait long to get inpatient beds. We also provide a 24hr telephone support service to clients should this be required. Key here is that our service is flexible. So, whether clients live in their own home, sheltered accommodation, supported housing or hostels, we will provide support suitable for their needs.

Recovery and rehabilitation plan also available all tailored to meet our service users at point of their need.

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