About Loyalcare

Besides providing care in the community, we also provide housing related support in partnership with housing providers to vulnerable people in our communities. Through our work we have supported and continue to support a range of vulnerable people, including people with mental health needs, people with learning difficulties, people experiencing or at risk of domestic violence, people at risk of re-offending, young people at risk and people with substance misuse issues.

Our aim is to offer care and support which promotes independence, choice, participation in the community and the achievement of positive outcomes for vulnerable people. Our vision is encompassed in two words: Recovery and Re-integration, so our support offers clear preventive benefits to vulnerable people, and focuses on preventing health and social problems.

We work very closely with the people that matter to you and we make sure we regularly ask for your feedback to ensure that we monitor the quality of the service we’re providing. We tailor our care packages to suit you and your family’s needs and will always put our clients first.

Our Staff

All our staff are referenced, CRB checked and interviewed. They are trained, assessed and assigned to roles they are best suited to. We aim to attract, reward and retain the best staff from diverse backgrounds as this is fundamental to our success. We are committed to ensure our policies and practices are fair, competitive, inclusive and sustainable. We believe in continual employee development to enhance performance and we are constantly working to create a culture that understands and respects everyone we employ.


We believe people are unique so we are committed to:

  • Providing support that promotes choices
  • Respecting your privacy
  • Prioritising your safety
  • Realising your potential and enhancing your self esteem

Measuring Outcomes

We use our above commitments to enable us to deliver quality care and measure progress of the care we provide. We regularly receive feedback from those we support and from their families as this feedback helps us maintain, improve and continue the quality of the care we provide.

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